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UNmultimedia – Libye /OIM : 3800 migrants ont débarqué dans le sud de l’Italie en 5 jours en fuite des violences


Selon l’OIM 3800 migrants ont débarqué dans le sud de l’Italie entre le 13 et le 17 février, en provenance de la Libye, dont quelques 1215 à Lampedusa, 1394 en Sicile occidentale et 839 en Sicile orientale


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  1. Mario Rodriguez
    19 de febrero a la(s) 13:05 ·
    Mario Rodriguez Dear and honorable Judge Peter Tomka, the reason for this is to let you know Regarding the obstacles or omissions Against my procedure as a refugee here in Mexico, but I’m like humaniterias REASONS, failures and human constitutional laws Violations test, in my condition as immigrant, and others, for falta de consideration of them do not want to Recognize to me than bureaucratic mistake suspicious high political campaign put to this case, which its very well documented Where Both the Mexican commission refugee aid and the North American legislation, Who Have to pay to me demand for discrimination, criminalization, administrative conspiracy, legislatively, demages and perjury. Now That neglect or suspicious for funding from organized crime international, for than this case be not resolved ASAP, Mexican immigration Administation, who is asking for a quick resolution to my request as a refugee or humanitarian REASONS immigrant status, in ten days. Therefore I am making application esta con sus message jurisprudence answer as soon as possible Because it is you must choose WHO THROUGH immediate resolution. Attent. Mario A Rodriguez.
    2 min · Me gusta
    Mario Rodriguez Mario Rodriguez ha compartido el vídeo de Cour internationale de Justice.Ayer a las 12:02 ·
    Mario Rodriguez ha compartido el vídeo de Cour internationale de Justice.
    12 de febrero a la(s) 17:33 ·
    Mario Rodriguez Facing the international court Judge Peter Tomka witness. I had declared that all immigrant and national people have the same human rights which are not arbitrary for all mankind, also access to justice is not arbitrary for humanity, justice is not arbitrary should be transparent to every human being common and current, regardless of language, nation, religion. politics, ethnicity, or race. all constitutions of the international region must be legally qualified. each constitution is governed by the conventions, regulations, agreements. that an been signed, so that human rights consetudinarios, are met. US Americans, and others are violating the basic principles of these agreements, because they do not train their staff on this important logistics. should be a protocol to teach their descendants, with respect to all human right must be respected. immigrate is a nesecidad when states are no armed conflicts that are regualarmente funded by the capitalist international organized crime, to dispossess the orphans and poor of the world. Frente a la internacional corte peter tomka juez testigo. Declaro que todo immigrante y nacionales personas tiene los mismos derechos humanos los cuales no son arbitrarios para toda la humanidad, tambien el acceso de justicia no es arbitrario para la humanidad, la justicia no es arbitraria debe ser transparente para todo ser humano comun y corriente, sin importar lengua, nacion, religion. politica, etnias, o raza. todas las constituciones de la region internacional deben de estar capacitadas juridicamente. que cada constitucion esta regida por las convenciones, convenios, reglamentos, acuerdos. que an sido firmados, para que los consetudinarios derechos humanos, sean cumplidos. los Estados Unidos Americanos, y otros estan violando los principios basicos, de estos acuerdos, por que ellos no capacitan a sus funcionarios respecto a esta relevante logistica. debe ser un protocolo para enseñar a sus desendientes, respecto a que todo derecho del ser humano debe ser respetado. immigrar es una nesecidad cuando en los estados hay conflictos armados que regualarmente son financiados, por el capitalista crimen organizado internacional, para desposeer a los huerfanos y criminalizar a los pobres del mundo.
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    Cour internationale de Justice
    Foto de Cour internationale de Justice.
    Cour internationale de Justice
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    Mario Rodriguez abanfi@oas.orgHoy a las 11:16 A.M.
    Drear and honorable international court Peter Tomka judge, I’m makind to you some remenber and requesting by that justice right humano. already its fews days remaining wher…Ver más
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    Mario Rodriguez

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